Native American Club
Advisor: Dr. LaMay
Shawn Mansouri and
Jason Walker
Vice President:
Amy Wormdahl and
Michelle Dimick
Melissa Tamalii and   Christina Russo
Sylvia Martinez and
Sherrill Stansbury
Michael Wehner and    Gabriel Gonzales
Publicity: Emmanuel Darkwa


















Come join the most active club on the Chaffey campus.  All students are welcome to attend and participate in club activities.


Barbara is starting a new adventure


By Cynthia Rucker

Flintknapper, James (Jim)  Bowden, fascinated audience members with his unique collection of bows and arrows on November 18 at the Student Activities Center.  The presentation was sponsored by the Native American Club and was open to all.  Many children were on hand to learn the craft of flintknapping.  Bowden demonstrated various flintknapping techniques and informed the audience about the release of the arrow and its effectiveness with reference to distance.  One of the arrows was said to have the ability to reach approximately 1/2 the distance of a football field.

Anna Ludwig of Institutional Services said, "I think that the Native American Month festivities were a big success."  Ludwig further stated, "I feel that Chaffey was very fortunate to have the club to present such talent to the campus, which is inclusive of the storytelling and the Hoop-Dancer."  "Plans are underway to present activities geared toward hands on opportunities for children."  English Professor, Dr. Julie Lamay concurred. 

Bowden exclaimed that he began the craft in 1984 while attending an archeology class.  Bowden said that he and another student began chatting about their unique skills.  "I made my first arrow out of glass," said Bowden.  He further stated that although he learned the art of flintknapping without the use of gloves, he strongly encouraged their use, as well as goggles. 



By Cynthia Rucker

Fred "Running Bear" Popejoy amused guests at Wargin Hall on November 17th with his amazing stories.  "One such story, "The Storytelling Stone" had great similarity to an excerpt from the American Literature text by Harper Press," said Native American Club President, David Campio.  Campio also said, "The audience mainly consisted of youngsters from the Children's Center and that there wasn't a good turn-out from campus students."  Dr. Julie Lamay said, "Fred truly has his heart in the right place."  Lamay continued, "He's about 73 years old and has spent most of his lifetime educating the public about the Native Americans




Chaffey College student David Campio will be speaking at the English Council of California Two-year College (ECCTYC) conference on October 23rd   in support of the Native American culture.  Another student, Kim Matlock, who was recently recognized here at Chaffey for her outstanding efforts and contributions, will be accompanying Campio at the conference.

His speech aims to eliminate the stereotypical views of Native Americans, as well as all other minority groups.  He cites erroneous written records of Native American history as the catalyst for the distorted views.  For example, he stated, "The true meaning of Thanksgiving stems from the Annual Green Corn Dance."

Inge Pelzer and Dr. LaMay are the chairs of the Native American Club.

Among topics to be discussed, Campio stated that his goal is to make known the positive aspects and valuable contributions of Native Americans, such as:

* History/Culture

* Established Recognition/Accomplishments

* Members of Title IX Indian Education Program for Ontario/Montclair School District.

* Raised funds exceeding that of any other club during Food Sale Day, past and present.

The Native American Club, of which Campio is president, meets on Mondays from 2 - 3:00 p.m. in the Staff Lounge and is open to everyone.

The Hoop Dancer

By Adrian Williams

Dressed in colorful and decorative traditional clothing, Terry Goedel displayed both flexibility and dexterity as he performed the American Indian Hoop Dance, in the quad, Nov. 4.

A Hoop Dancer for 27 years, Goedel was invited by the Native American Club to bring his majestic performance to Chaffey.

Goedel began the dance with one hoop. As he progressed he continued to add more and more hoops, eventually bringing the total to 21, to portray a fully grown eagle.

The Hoop Dance tells the story of a young eagle that from birth had an overwhelming desire to fly. Throughout the performance Goedel displays the hoops in a variety of ways to represent birds and butterflies, symbolizing peace and harmony among all creatures, including man.

The hoops Goedel uses are the color of bone and have various colors wrapped around them. The colors symbolize people from all over the world.

"As the cultures come together they hold the world in place," Goedel said.

"It's a type of cultural exchange," he said.

Native American culture has often been misrepresented in the media. "Many people are still holding to the Hollywood image of the Indian," said Goedel. "I try to show them a real part of the American Indian heritage."

Goedel, who was raised on the Tulalip Indian Reservation 50 miles north of Seattle, has traveled around the world doing his Hoop Dance and other traditional performances.

He has performed in 30 states, Canada, Australia, Denmark and other countries.

He graduated from Brigham Young University where he majored in recreation administration. He now resides in Alta Loma and is a teacher in the Alta Loma School District.

Goedel strives to keep the diminishing Native American culture alive by performing the Hoop Dance.

"Those who move away form the reservations tend to lose the culture" Goedel said. "Those who remain on the reservation try to keep it alive."












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